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Colored version of
safe1689663 artist:longren47 artist:pabbley2309 color edit7607 edit130491 pinkie pie214605 pony951346 bipedal33774 colored19266 crossover61578 cute197354 dialogue64509 diapinkes9752 ear fluff28770 explosives295 female1347604 grenade launcher168 junkrat50 overwatch1545 pinkrat14 simple background387677 solo1052659 yelling3054


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Vinyl Fluff
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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What the Fluff?
no the stalk is off and the drum is too

You're either joking, trolling, or being oblivious.

Let's just ignore his spiked rip tire on her back, his detonator in her hoof, his vest of grenades which look nothing like the Demo's, his belt with accessories around her, and his characteristic hair tips on fire.

Not to mention, you know, the source specifically calling her Ponkrat and mentioning Overwatch. Yeah, the artistic license on the weapon is totally proof this is supposed to be the Demo.