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safe1724426 artist:confetticakez713 oc695924 oc only455141 oc:bassy35 pegasus298786 pony984725 blushing200545 cute202498 kiara9 lioness20 looking at you171637 male379128 ocbetes5449 plushie24253 sitting64242 smiling253610 solo1076349 stallion111592 the lion king540


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Young Leosword
@Background Pony #B91B
That gives me a idea for a product line to accompany Disney™ Princesses: Something like Disney™ Girls Rule or Disney™ Flower Power; concept being take the female leads that aren't princesses or human, and give them ridiculous '90s outfits and Corvettes and playsets like a theater stage or, well, castles, too, yeah. Mostly to give female protags like Wendy and Nala and Lilo and Joy and Judy Hopps more of a spotlight. :j
Background Pony #C389
Kiara and Nala deserve to be counted among the "official" Disney Princesses.