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Some holiday-themed fanart that’s been bouncing around in my mind, but that I didn’t get time to do ’til the day after Christmas.
Oh, well- happy Boxing Day, Derpibooru!
suggestive160158 artist:shaxbert107 diamond tiara10828 silver spoon6874 anthro292813 blushing222194 christmas16447 clothes519707 cute220695 diamondbetes550 drink5518 female1503518 get along shirt30 glasses71708 hearth's warming997 holding hands3129 lesbian103883 lip bite12888 mistletoe1970 monochrome158251 mug4989 shared clothing758 shipping218578 silverbetes311 silvertiara484 sweater16171


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I’d love to hear the story of just why they’re wearing the same sweater, and apparently little else.
Adorable picture!