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safe1554794 artist:wissle228 edit114496 edited screencap53927 screencap195101 aloe2401 amethyst star2243 apple bloom46164 applejack157202 berry punch6059 berryshine6050 big macintosh26661 bon bon15470 bulk biceps3200 carrot cake2012 carrot top5117 cheerilee9278 cherry berry1826 cloudchaser3681 cup cake3711 daisy2196 diamond tiara9576 dj pon-327897 doctor whooves9980 flitter2896 flower wishes2062 fluttershy195708 golden harvest5117 granny smith4948 lemon hearts1874 lily1755 lily valley1755 linky1312 lotus blossom2551 lyra heartstrings27488 mayor mare3033 octavia melody22060 pinkie pie201322 pipsqueak2691 pokey pierce1273 pound cake2343 pumpkin cake2129 rainbow dash217144 rarity167859 roseluck4616 scootaloo48803 sea swirl1384 seafoam1383 shoeshine1430 silver spoon6173 snails5123 snips3982 sparkler2093 spike74191 spring melody1002 sprinkle medley1002 starlight glimmer42932 sunshower raindrops2193 sweetie belle46256 sweetie drops15470 thunderlane3784 time turner9965 twilight sparkle279708 twist2774 vinyl scratch31992 alicorn190793 dragon46557 earth pony190237 pegasus232204 pony826000 unicorn257089 the cutie re-mark3000 animated90971 bad end1950 colt13125 cutie mark crusaders17515 equal cutie mark1359 everypony358 everypony at s5's finale34 evil starlight45 female878847 filly58395 flower trio514 gif27405 grin32166 happy27073 happy ending override13 hug25024 looking at you140392 magic64464 male298871 mane seven5848 mane six28954 mare403895 parody15076 s5 starlight1445 scene parody848 smiling209673 sound at source267 spa twins1243 stallion90274 this will end in communism216 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113673 wall of tags2234 youtube link4516


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19 comments posted
Background Pony #50F3
Keep believing, keep pretending, we done just what we set out to do. Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers, and you!
Background Pony #8A27
This was one of the best ending scenes of any animated tv show episode/movie I've ever seen. And that's saying a lot.