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"Pinkie has stabbed Rarity. Help Pinkie dispose of the remains!"

Waaaaaay late Mentally Advanced Series fanart! See the episode in question here
safe1677196 artist:earthquake8728 madame leflour406 pinkie pie213415 rainbow dash230664 pegasus280644 pony939911 mentally advanced series165 creepy4241 dough95 female1337035 flour296 flour sack54 knife5208 looking at you163288 mare466870 misspelling2372 nightmare fuel3688 staring into your soul227 table8980 thousand yard stare676


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Background Pony #A3EB
It's one of those days huh? Fine, I'll get the acid, you get the gorilla suit and the shovel.
Background Pony #5405
Well there's your problem there, Pinkie. The dough exploded 'cause you're using Flor. Shoulda used Flour!