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suggestive127888 artist:ponut_joe397 princess celestia89953 princess luna93934 equestria girls179921 legend of everfree7402 :t3734 animated91941 ass42002 butt27285 clothes408541 fetish34931 fuck the police168 gif27883 hat76522 lake1397 looking at each other16330 middle finger1042 moonbutt2959 no nose336 nudity333349 open mouth122909 pants12221 pants down813 pissing3472 principal celestia3155 promingent female41 shoes30261 shorts12158 urine6059 vice principal luna2227 vulgar19583 water11330


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21 comments posted
Background Pony #E205
She's probably either spreading her lips so they don't block the pee stream (which would cause it to go all over the place) or using some sort funnel or hollow urethral-plug.
Background Pony #FBBF
It is physically impossibly for girls to pee standing up

This shouldn't even be possible.
Background Pony #15F7
"Luna! Stop doing that in our ond!"
"No! Wait a minute, did you say 'ond?'"
"Yeah. This is our ond."
"I don't—"
"And 'ond' ain't got no 'p' in it."