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Naked teenage Flurry Heart, she’s still grumpy and pissy but she doesn’t have on makeup and accessories and piercings. SVG this time as no fonts to get in the way. Feel free to edit this however you wish.
Emo Version

safe2115696 artist:lightningbolt1214 derpibooru exclusive38747 princess flurry heart9215 alicorn302288 pony1476736 g41623839 .svg available10553 annoyed6993 blank flank9571 female1737389 frown34007 glare8937 grumpy3162 hair over one eye12350 indifferent84 looking at you245794 older37710 older flurry heart2646 princess emo heart138 show accurate25804 simple background568201 solo1380032 spread wings88183 svg5135 teenage flurry heart88 teenager6895 transparent background274292 vector88106


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Looks good, only thing I might suggest is the stroke looks a little chunky on the portions of her mane behind her muzzle, and all of her tail.