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Bio-conversion, churning from meals to fuel, can be a long and arduous process for plonies. It is of utmost importance that they are taken care of during this time to keep them happy and healthy as they will be kept in their hangar's for weeks to months until diges- conversion is complete.

During this time airfield personel are required to give plonies their daily dosage of intensive belly scrubbing and personal care. Some plonies tend to make use of this to ease off some of their boredom.

(Avia is an oc of Audax.)
suggestive139475 artist:dudey64518 oc665689 oc only438333 oc:avia2 original species24611 plane pony1288 pony938664 belly27553 butt53493 digestion2749 fart2142 fart fetish1011 fart noise674 fetish38712 implied death2532 looking back55484 macro10641 onomatopoeia3998 plane2629 plot76951 sound effects2007 the ass was fat13509 vore14099 weight gain4110


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Too many kinks can spoil the broth.

And that's why plane horse has gas :U
Thread Starter - The voring hour.

I can't help but think up of a comic where she gets spooked by something falls on her large squishy rump atop of a team of maintenance ponies.