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Followup to >>1334507

safe2154454 artist:duop-qoub523 oc936445 oc only679937 oc:speck360 bat pony73717 pony1582453 :<1531 :p14120 :t4427 adorable distress886 bat pony oc29047 bondage45968 cute263241 ear fluff49268 ear tufts1417 eyes closed137067 eyes on the prize6777 fangs39253 floppy ears71907 food99972 hung upside down240 looking at something4905 mango726 padded cell388 pure unfiltered evil1974 reaching875 sad31141 scrunchy face8202 solo1409855 straitjacket1051 suspended3835 tongue out144926 torture1017 unsexy bondage420 upside down7277


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Young Leosword
@Background Pony #9523  
America took two hundred years to try to rid us of punishments which retroactively violated the eigth, but I suspect Equestria took eight hundred… ‘Cause it’s older than America, yeah. X3
Background Pony #EB8B
This has got to break the 8th amendment. Sadly this ponyland and Bat torture like this might be allowed. Racists.