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dead source19538 safe1578856 artist:drewmwhit78 artist:trotsworth210 sunset shimmer57776 twilight sparkle283186 equestria girls180647 legend of everfree7414 alternate universe9327 camper44 campfire916 clothes410236 cute178138 dusk shine2208 duskabetes51 duskshimmer64 equestria guys952 food61058 full moon2901 half r63 shipping1736 heart43258 holding hands2335 log637 male306442 marshmallow1143 masterpiece95 moon21082 night22800 prince dusk331 rule 6325259 rule63betes613 shimmerbetes3986 shipping184406 silhouette2368 smiling215815 stick623 straight121954 sunsetsparkle4718 trash407 tree27591


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