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Darth Sonic
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.

What sucks is that this is one of the few DBZA jokes I can’t translate into my Equestria Girls Z fusion crossover setting. Because while Equestria Girls!Tirek is the Cell of the setting, he has a number of differences that get in the way of some of the jokes. In this case, the difference is that the naming scheme for Tirek different forms is not based upon perfection, but feudal ranks. He also has four main forms as opposed to three, because he has to absorb three androids instead of two (that being, the Siren Androids, the Equestria Hirls version of the Sirens). These forms are:
Squire Tirek: Tirek’s equivalent to Imperfect Cell, and is based upon FiM!Tireks old man form. He’s a manipulative, riddle-loving bastard in this form much like his FiM counterpart.
Sir Tirek: This form is original to this settings Tirek and has not equivalent within Cell. This is based partly upon the short-bearded form that Tirek had in all the promotional material and when he confronted the Princesses, but I added elements from fifth form Cooler as well (similar horn pattern and bony face mask thing). He get’s this form after absorbing Android Sonata, and is a complete berserker in this form.
Lord Tirek: Equivalent to Semi-perfect Cell, the form is pretty much a humanoid copy of the form Tirek was in when he fought Super Princess Twilight. He gets this form after absorbing Android Aria, and his personality is a combination of his FiM counterpart in this form and Abridged!Semi-perfect Cell.
Emperor Tirek: Equivalent to Perfect Cell, he looks like a humanoid version of teen Tirek from Feindship is Magic with biomechanical bat wings. He gets the form after absorbing Android Adagio, and is basically Abridged!Perfect Cell in that he’s a sadistic showman, but Tirek is more Shakespeare than Broadway/Vaudeville.
And seeing as Lords CAN become Emperors through conquests and coups, a joke about there being no gray areas makes little sense.