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Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
You really need the bio at the source for this one.
Twilight Sparkle is a minor elder goddess from the planet Zefiro, co-empress of Equestria (Next to her mate, Celestia), in charge of maintaining harmony and control of its elements. For this reason, she represents the element of Magic.
One of her talents is “violet magic”, whose purpose is regeneration and transmutation. Apart from this, she’s a passionate student of general magic and spells thanks to her many books.
Her hobbies are astronomy, astrology, and green magic (used for healing with natural elements).


- Twilight is very loved by the citizens of Equestria for her proximity to them.
- Twilight learned from the Elements of Harmony in order to use them alone in the future once they become a part of her: Honesty, loyalty, kindness, laughter, and generosity, apart from magic, since the Elements require someone to have these characteristics in order to activate them and use their magic.
- Maintains a relationship with her mate Celestia. They began to go out together shortly after her ascension as an Alicorn, and Twilight started leading the relationship when she noticed Celestia was rather passive and shy.
- She has a love/hate relationship with Luna. Both have a very strong character, and her dramatism coupled with the goddess of the night’s volatile emotions as one provoke arguments that end in explosions of magic and insults.


- Twilight has magical defense runes on her front left leg, torso, and her right hind leg, which were created by Luna on a night where both goddesses were drunk.
- As mothers, she and Celestia only gave birth to mortal daughters, having to experience the death of them all sooner or later.
- One of her daughters was murdered by Luna for trying to take over her throne.
- Her first mate was Rainbow Dash, but she left her in favor of Celestia.
- She has a secret attraction for Luna because she’s more intrepid and outgoing than her sister.
- Having a strong connection with her friends, watching them die one by one put her in a state of depression which Celestia helped her move on from.
- Is currently 718 years old.
- Secretly reads romantic novels.

(gracias thetinean por la traducción :hug:)