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safe1597252 artist:discorded377 sunset shimmer58090 equestria girls184660 ass43731 blushing179429 bunset shimmer1473 burger1669 cafeteria190 canterlot high2504 clothes418556 cute183055 eating8869 female1270558 food62894 hay1450 hay burger552 herbivore480 homesick shimmer243 humans doing horse things176 jacket11122 looking at you149274 looking back50764 looking back at you11923 restaurant636 shimmerbetes4022 skirt36474 solo990158 sunset wants her old digestive system back40


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Background Pony #98CA
Did it occur to you to search "sunset shimmer" and "hay burger" on here?
Background Pony #E488
is twilight who a set her this hay burger! sunset a missing to eat one, so she ask princess twilight to set her a hay burger! but she can't go to equestria and be late in classe! th girls be surprice to see sunset eat this! sometime the girls forget sunset to be a unicorn pony form equestria! (sunset look cute were she blushing like this!)
Background Pony #775F
The real question is where is the bottom of her hamburger bun? Seriously how is she keeping that sandwich together?