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Took a while. But alot faster than I usually would take.
safe1917180 artist:paradoxbroken174 adagio dazzle14446 aria blaze10861 sonata dusk14823 equestria girls228065 rainbow rocks19117 adoragio493 antagonist2038 anti-villain20 anti-villainess7 aria flat138 ariabetes395 badass3487 belly button92385 bracelet12182 breasts328806 clothes539687 compression shorts1428 cracking knuckles52 cute228111 delicious flat chest5848 dress51862 eyelashes20421 eyeshadow21113 female1552872 fence3412 fingerless gloves5601 flatdagio dazzle266 frown27354 genki girl10 gloves24217 hand on hip10183 jewelry85818 jumping3899 leggings2545 legs10061 looking at something3589 makeup28972 midriff21155 miniskirt5304 pants18012 pigtails5442 ponytail21803 sexy35952 shoes47059 short shirt1876 shorts16577 skirt46531 skirt lift5085 sleeveless6668 smiling314886 socks78617 sonata flat27 sonatabetes1259 stockings40249 striped socks24478 tanktop9281 the dazzlings4891 thigh highs46216 tree39102 trio14863 twintails1947 varying degrees of want906 villainess218 wall of tags5122 yoga pants1057 younger19627 zettai ryouiki2078


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Offensive. Please ban.
I’m guessing there’s a boy trying to charm them by offering them flowers or something.
Adagio sees a means to an end.  
Aria is annoyed as usual.  
Sonata is instantly in love.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

They look like the welcoming committee of their school.
Adagio: “Look at those innocent kids, I can’t wait to make them part of my schemes.”
Aria: “All right, some fresh meat I can pound!”
Sonata: “Oh boy! New friends!”