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He's sleepy :D
safe1552023 artist:badumsquish1895 derpibooru exclusive23739 changeling38902 human139509 ambiguous gender447 animated90858 breathing282 content75 cute173093 cuteling643 dream2360 duo47450 fangs21476 gif27361 human on changeling snuggling15 lap32 offscreen character28641 pov14611 sitting on lap193 sleeping21265 smiling209055 wing twitch24


not provided yet


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Background Pony #5CFF
Must… pet…

Can't pet though… would wake up sleeping changeling…

Can't get up, can't pet… time for two people to take a nap I guess.
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@Bexar Bandito
I did set out to do one, but since it's kind of a pain to do that kind of edit to an animation even as minor as this I got a bit sidetracked :D

It's like, for a still picture it'd have taken like 5 minutes, but for this you need to go through each frame and edit it, then remake the entire gif file XD

It'll be good though, I promise :P

I want like ten :D They are the cutest things ever

I've always imagined soft and yielding to the touch, but firmer than skin.

@Background Pony #B33E
Yeah totally. Thorax is monochrome green while all the others are monochrome blue.

Shhhhh, changelings need their sleepy cuddles :D

Ha ha yeah I actually added the wing twitch because of how subtle the animation was :P
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Whoa, didn't catch that this was animated until seeing the tag. Looked back to see the wing twitches then triple checked to notice the breathing! This is too precious.