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Picture was a commission, but deviation page is gone so 1024px is the highest available resolution
safe1572650 artist:flutterthrash678 fleetfoot1909 octavia melody22241 pinkie pie202925 rainbow dash219023 soarin'13314 spitfire12770 twilight sparkle282263 earth pony197990 pegasus238742 pony843637 unicorn265148 aviator goggles200 blushing175374 clothes408018 commission51663 crack shipping3492 dress39470 female896803 gala dress4260 lesbian92074 male304677 mare414343 octavia is not amused322 shipping183651 signature18800 stallion92374 twifire22 unamused13666 unicorn twilight12831 uniform9234 wonderbolts3386 wonderbolts uniform5366


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