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Background Pony #5458
Look out, Fluttershy! Don't let Bulk Biceps eat your butterflies!

Frankenstein must've been a fan unicorns it seems.

@Mr. Horrible
But why would Cthulhu even fight the Mane 6? They're just another bunch of mortals who are beneath him. To make a simple comparison, they are ants, and Cthulhu is human.
Mr. Horrible

In typical Lovecraftian style, it's not actually the sight of the creatures themselves that drives men mad but the knowledge that those monsters exist that comes along with it: The objective proof of the existence of something that you can't comprehend, and that flies in the face of everything you used to think was possible or real, that shatters your concept of the world.

Which the Mane 6 are pretty used to seeing at this point. I mean, they do have Pinkie Pie.
Background Pony #C3C0
H Pony Lovecraft?

That looks more like the brand of sacrifice from Berserk.
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@Background Pony #2E48
I had tried to add the right tags and link to the iTunes page before they were deleted (since I confirmed that and sent that page to EQD for posting). We normally don't allow full pages, unless it is official preview content like this.
Background Pony #A215
Yeah, The moderator delete it because for some reason my upload was paid content for him