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safe1577264 artist:foudubulbe496 coco pommel5478 thorax3992 changedling7275 changeling40220 earth pony199681 pony847071 :c497 blushing176091 comic101648 crack shipping3515 crying40204 cute177810 dialogue60646 eye contact6169 eyes closed80341 female900674 floppy ears46674 frown21675 hidden eyes460 king thorax2606 lidded eyes25747 looking at each other16468 looking away3242 male306018 mare416240 music notes2975 open mouth123353 pink floyd211 sad22737 shipping184203 singing5857 smiling215383 stallion92922 straight121820 thommel4 wide eyes16195


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Background Pony #3376
Not complaining about the ship (I sail it), but I would have liked to see their relationship develop a little more gradually instead of just having them be together, as they apparently have been for a while.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I'm seeing Rarity try to make gala dresses for Breezies but all the fabric is to heavy.
"THIS IS THE WORST POSSIBLE THING! Oh none of these fabrics are light enough for these poor things." Notices Seabreeze. "Seabreeze darling could you tell me what your outfit is made of?"
"Outfit? This here isn't a outfit it's my body hair so I'm wearing nothing at all." Nothing at all echos.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Never try to break up with Coco.
"B…but Coco."
"Do hear a sassy volunteer for the dragon line?"
"Okay now your out of races to use as ammo." Coco shows Thorax a cast poster to the mlp movie coming out. "…I'll be good now."

World's Smallest Violin
That'll teach you who wears the pants in this relationship.

The metaphorical ones I mean cause you're trying on outfits.
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Wait a minute, Thorax and Coco Pommel are in a relationship? I must have missed a lot of episodes (comics).

That's what I get for skipping ahead in the season D: