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safe1577269 artist:foudubulbe496 coco pommel5478 thorax3992 changedling7275 earth pony199683 pony847077 yak3843 blushing176091 cloven hooves9073 cold864 comic101648 couple4616 crack shipping3515 cuddling7845 cute177810 disguise3973 disguised changeling2276 female900680 horn ring5059 king thorax2606 male306016 mare416246 picnic1208 prone23357 shipping184203 simple background346184 sleeping21747 straight121820 thommel4 transformation9794 white background87283


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Could probably use a little signal to indicate the transformation. Like a couple of wiggly lines and a "poof" sound effect or something in the panel to indicate him changing into a yak. But otherwise: Cute~