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When Photo Finish made Fluttershy her star, Fluttershy was so nervous she wet herself. Rarity was upset that Fluttershy peed in one of her outfits, but pretended otherwise to avoid making her feel more ashamed.


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Fluttershy wetting herself in this kind of situation makes all kinds of sense to me. For one thing, Fluttershy, at least at this time in the show, was, well, shy, and would do anything to keep out of the spotlight. And, what better way to do that than do something foal-ish like pee or poop in whatever clothes she’s wearing?
Of course, I suppose the only drawback to that might be if Photo Finish were to interpret it as Fluttershy just being uncomfortable in that costume.
The Dark Pony

I think it happens so often she’s used to it. Maybe a bit of mild embarrassment, but she’ll get over it every time.
Well, not as of canon of course, just in whatever world this picture is set in

I love Fluttershy irregardless of the situations she finds herself in. She isn’t blushing or crying, so I would think it’s okay…at least, let her finish peeing. She must have needed to go really badly.
The Dark Pony

So this one and the Twilight one are deemed questionable instead of suggestive now, and those don’t show up even spoilered (like the suggestive ones are) unless your filter allows it (in which case it does so without the block).
Also, I understand anyone who feels really bad for Fluttershy, I often question myself for liking seeing her in this way.