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I've decided to go ahead and post some stuff from my other account. because honestly, managing 2 accounts is a giant pain, and I'd much rather just manage one.

So, a few months back I decided that I wanted to completely redo my Self Rising Pinkie comic. While that is a ways off. I have done a few concepts for the mane 6 because I liked the idea giving them different outfits this time round.

Again, this project is a ways off from completion, but I thought y'all would enjoying seeing what I have to offer right now.
safe1640060 artist:autumnmelody58 pinkie pie209997 anthro245907 unguligrade anthro45428 blushing186589 cheek fluff4967 clothes435948 denim shorts575 female1305777 hand on hip5411 looking at you156896 shirt23004 shorts13118 signature21517 simple background371068 smiling230446 solo1020545 t-shirt4098


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