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Nightmare Moon/Season Zero Yami Yugi:
- King/Queen
- Night/Shadow
- Dark sides

Discord/Yami Marik:
- Just want to enjoy
- Sealed and after free

- Queen/King
- Search for amounts of love/souls

Sombra/Zork (aka Yami Bakura)
- Pure evil
- Lost their original body
- Still existing in a non-defined form


not provided yet


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Background Pony #AC26
Nightmare Moon — Yami Marik
Discord — Pegasus
Former Queen Chrysalis — Dartz
Lord Tirek — Zorc
Cozy Glow — Noah Kaiba
Background Pony #AC26
Zorc and Sombra are not pure evil. They were rejected from the villains wiki so they are not pure evil. Get your facts straight.
Diablo Corps10

Nightmare Moon: GARBAGE DAY…

Cozy Glow: Princess Luna?

Nightmare Moon: Hey Cozy how’s it hangin? Get it cause you’re gonna die. Eh I guess ya had to be there.
Background Pony #1265
The way I set it up was:

Discord = Pegasus (villain who loves childish things and is basically totally unpredictable, ultimately ends up helping the heroes)

Marik = Pinkamena (evil, corrupt version of an essentially good character)

Noah = Diamond Tiara (not so much a villain as just sort of a spoiled brat)

Chrysalis = Dartz (same reasons you stated above: royalty harvesting mental/spiritual energy)

Tirek = Zorc (basically a demon; overpowers all forces used to defeat previous villains)
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The Fallen Brony
Oh. Dear. God.

Nightmare Moon: My Little Pony is filmed before a live studio audience.
Discord: Come give Florance a hug!
Chrysalis: I'm gonna take Shining Armor's DEEEEECK!
Bakura: Sombra, why aren't you destroying the world?
Sombra: I have a terminal disease!
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The Anti-Normies
well, because his body was destroyed and now he is just a big shadow thing, i think king sombra will not have spoken role.