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This was my entry into the My Little Pony Collection contest here:

I got #38, and oddly I was the only one who had G1 stuff in it too :P
safe1616105 artist:seiya-meteorite2 applejack162616 baby firefly44 baby surprise37 cheerilee9535 cotton candy (g1)281 firefly1668 fluttershy203037 octavia melody22945 pinkie pie207526 rainbow dash224091 rarity173822 scoops11 starshine82 surprise2896 twilight575 twilight sparkle288362 whizzer103 alicorn206168 pony883940 figure1163 funrise216 g114100 guardians of harmony464 hasbro plushie1 irl68042 photo76473 plushie22526 toy21282 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118404 ty beanie baby4


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Artist -


Well, I should be able to take criticism if they try to help me get better and improve my artstyle, there are people who provide helpful criticism to help others improve as criticism =/= bullying. If they insult me, then I should just ignore those people. I think I'm getting better.
Artist -

Nothing really, in my opinion (though I think some proportions could be a bit off and they look a bit rough) I think it's because they don't like the way they're drawn or something, when I used to have them on here they had more downvotes than upvotes, I'll link you to parts of my gallery:
Background Pony #D07C
@seiya-meteorite (Uploader)
There were a few more people showing their G1 ponies in this event, including #42, #44, #50, #96, #125 and #144