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I found some free time to colorize my pervious sketches. Look at these cuties!!

We have Tender Taps and Applebloom, hanging out and sharing a dance. Applebloom loves helping out her coltfriend with his dance recitals but sometimes they just dance together for fun.

We also have Scootaloo and Kevin the Changeling. Kevin lives in Ponyville, much to the surprise of the townsponies. No one knows when he showed up and where he'd been living before showing himself at Cranky and Mitilda's wedding. Scootaloo, not being one to let somepony be alone, befriended the changeling, showing him how to get along with other ponies and how to read. He's young so he can adapt fast but he gets hungry sometimes. At that moment, he's contemplating asking Scootaloo for a nibble on her love. He hopes it isn't rude.

And finally, an OTP I didn't know I'd love, Snails and Diamond Tiara. DT is still a bit spoiled but Snails is perfectly willing to spoil her. He might not be rich like other ponies but he can shower her with love and understanding. I like to think that despite DT learning to be a good pony, she still has a lot of anger issues and tends to lose her shit often. When this happens, Snails will sit her down and just hold her until she calms down enough to tell him why she's mad. He's so chill, his chillness rubs off on her.
safe1576657 artist:jolliapplegirl440 apple bloom46570 diamond tiara9676 kevin (changeling)147 scootaloo49197 snails5141 tender taps656 changeling40163 earth pony199445 pegasus239943 pony846576 unicorn266640 blushing176023 cute177626 diamondbetes479 diamondsnail24 female900212 kevaloo3 male305837 shipping184147 snuggling6470 straight121763 tenderbloom217


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