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Phantom Rider
You are already booped.
Forget Sunset or Starlight. The next ascension:
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Background Pony #E1A3
I’ve seen 5 year olds make better trailers for their lego and toy movies in windows movie maker

Bold claim,can you back it up with a link to a video that will blow us out of the water ?
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Duck - 1104243, just... 1104243
Duck - Likes to sockpuppet for drama

Do trailers made by 5 year olds have professional voice over? No. Do they have advanced CG graphics? No. Do they even have good audio? NO. You are objectively wrong.
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Duck - Certified authentic waterfowl

Can you blame me?
I’ve seen 5 year olds make better trailers for their lego and toy movies in windows movie maker
which is what they used to make the teaser

but I’m trying not to go on about that anymore so this is where I’ll finish.
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Beau Skunky
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Life is but a dream
See! See!
see how easily this fandom panics! They get frightened by their own fan art sometimes.

I wish I could upvote comments sometimes.

Remember when people freaked over "Fluttercorn?" Good times, good times.

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