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It’s been a while. A year, if we want to be accurate. It has been a hard year for many of us, who are working at the Raycord project. Some of us went through some life-changing events, some have taken up a new job, some just went through a series of obstacles and some have lost their close relatives… It seems like a whole life has passed by. What about our project? Strangely enough it has survived.  
So, in a few words: THE PROJECT IS ALIVE.  
But while it is alive, it has undergone miserable changes for the past year, not to mention that we’re unsure even about its basic concept. In fact, we don’t know if we’re going to hold onto the MLP universe or just straight make up something of our own, inspired by the original series. It’s not like we had a lot in common to begin with, besides our characters… And the main fight still goes on with the coding, more than with anything else. What we want more than anything else is to make a QUALITY platformer, smooth and comfortable in controls, which turns out to be a hard thing to do. Especially if you barely have any time to spare on it.  
To be really honest with you, a few times we thought about closing our project for good. We’re still thinking about that. To be honest, we were going to just close it today and straight up publish all that we’ve done on the game up until now. But, while we are making at least some progress, we decided to go on. After all - it is simple to give up, but to fight on is where the real challenge is.  
So, to sum up - is the project closed? Not yet. Will you see some progress on it soon? Don’t know. How long we’re going to keep developing? No idea. Is there a possibility that we’ll close up the project before finishing? Yes.  
But for now the fight goes on. And in our time, spare from work, stresses, disasters and other things that make our lives exciting, we’re going to keep working on the project. No promises though. Anyway, thanks for everyone who still follows us and patiently waits! I hope that we’ll be able to publish some good news and next time it will be sooner than a year!


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Duck - "You would all have 10/10 episodes if i was responsible for this season as story editor and I could do it for free"

They still cannot make a profit out of it or place official commercials. It can only exist as a fanmade game on newgrounds flash site. You don’t see Russia using Mickey Mouse as a mascot for their movies, games or companies.
Duck - "You would all have 10/10 episodes if i was responsible for this season as story editor and I could do it for free"

I don’t think they will finish it. Even Duo Cartoonist given up. Their game will also get canned if they don’t change the characters and its connection to MLP. Of course this will lead to bronies being disinterested in the game. It’s a no win scenario.