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I know it’s not “supposed” to be shipping, but she uses the word LOVE, and well…  


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this is why i like starlight and trixie  
they’re not on their way to be a goody two-shoe character that only does the right things
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I love twishy
ok but same, like I know the phrase “I love” can be platonic but if my memory is right none of the mane 6 have ever had a moment between just two of them that included somewhat of an “I love you” kind of deal so some part of me wonders if this might be the staff testing waters or something. You know to see how people react to this more “implied” stuff first. I mean really mlp actually doesn’t use the word “love” a lot, often it’s “care” or “friendship” something along that lines but not quite as a strong word. (sorry this was long)
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Is it weird to tell your best friend you love them? I been doing that for years with my buddy.
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I can love the personalities of many people and not by that it means that I am in love with it precisely.
I bet they will end it with matching Sunburst