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safe1587595 artist:daf416 oc609891 oc only409540 oc:latch194 crab803 earth pony206230 anthro233992 unguligrade anthro42988 angry24418 beach13417 clothes415228 curly hair602 female1228042 leotard4220 mare427487 ocean5567 one-piece swimsuit3979 seaweed346 solo983321 story in the comments702 swimsuit25717 wet mane4926 wetsuit675


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It was one thing to be dragged out to the beach by a few friends, but it's another to be coerced by every last one of them to try and take up surfing. With a bit of a hit to her savings, Latch bought herself a wetsuit, a surf board, and some other beach-wear in case she tired of surfing (which she knew she wasn't going to enjoy). It'd started with her following a friend's instructions and guidelines, taking herself and her board out into the water, Latch pointed herself towards the shore while chatting with her friend.

After a couple short minutes, a wave was already building and she'd been told to stroke and gain some momentum. Rather hastily, having been put into the thicket of surfing without riding a smaller, easier wave, the very top of the wave was at least a good four feet above her head. The entire way through as she swam with her board, got up, wobbled, but remained aloft as they surfed towards the shore, Latch knew this was bound to end in failure.

While she wasn't wrong, she didn't quite expect it to come in the form of something so… ridiculous. Just as she was gaining her footing and balance, starting to actually enjoy it, a fish had jumped out of the water, slapping her across the face. Losing her balance, Latch was lost to the waves as she tumbled and rolled within the water. Bumping against the sand and being tossed about, it was a solid fifteen seconds until she'd reemerged from the water, gasping from lack of air she had in that moment.

From the shore, Latch saw her friends, concerned, and standing ankle deep in the water as her wild mane was now soaked and near flat against her head. Seeing her board further up the coastline, a short two minute walk away, her friends had started to laugh as they'd seen she was okay. Letting out an exasperated groan, Latch waded out from the chest-high water. A crab hung onto her mane, rocking with every step as seaweed washed and fell off her.

"Never again," she growled to one of her friends, having come face to face with them as the water receded. "Never again am I going surfing with any of you."

- — - — -

A story I wrote for this, simply because. Quality isn't really the best on it.
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Hold on, hold on! DAF is drawing LATCH? Why is this picture so NORMAL then?!
The world has gone mad…