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Commission part for as well as a written story companion by him!

Luna’s gaze faulted as the sun eclipsed the cloud-cover, enveloping the sea with a warm glow. This wasn’t the first sunrise she’s seen on the deck of a military vessel, but it would be the first she has experienced such an event on behalf of her dear sister at such a high speed.

High winds tore at her coat as the turbo-charged military craft kicked up waves as it traversed the calm waters off the coast of Applewood, now a distant glimmer on the horizon. Commandeering the vessel was Slate Cutter, a recently promoted Sergeant in the Equestrian Armed Forces and joining him was Cypress Peach, a Private in the Equestrian reserves who was more than eager to escort two Princess’s on a short journey across the South Luna Sea. The smile on the plucky young Mare's face was almost a permanent fixture since she boarded the craft this morning, considering she had the rare opportunity to commandeer the M60 gun emplacement.

“I bet this boat could outrun Rainbow Dash!” A squeaky voice piped up below the imposing Alicorn as another wave splashed across the bow at high speed.

“I doubt that!” Private Peach chirped happily as she pressed a gloved hand against her helmet. “However, we sure are making great timing this morning! This new V8 engine will get you to your destination lickety-split! Leaving you plenty of time today to recover some lost booty!” She finished with a playful wink. Turning her gaze below her, Luna smirked as Flurry Heart pulled up her breaches by her sword-belt trying to imitate her favorite aunt’s mighty posture. Luna responded by raising her boot and planting it on the very lip of the bow. Flurry Heart imitated her stance once more with her own boot. Truth be told, it was a silly sight. Luna’s thigh-high swashbuckler’s and Military Regalia, while a well-preserved relic from her time as a Captain commanding some of the fiercest fleet’s Equestria has ever seen, serve no use or purpose in today’s fast-paced Naval theatrics.

However, according to many muttered comments from Sailors back at port, they looked very dapper on her athletic Amazonian figure. But more importantly, they served to satisfy Flurry Heart’s current fixation on ancient high-pitched sea-battles and naval conflict from centuries long past.

It was why they were out here after all! Ever since Luna and Celestia reenacted their fight against the fabled Derrière du Cheval, the little filly has been absolutely enthralled by anything related to pirates. Or, to be more specific, fighting against the tyranny of pirates! Slinging around on mast rigging to save Stallions in distress, plundering the loot of dastardly neer-do-well’s and returning the booty to their rightful owners, and most important of all, protecting the sovereignty of the high seas! Such a subject absolutely captivated her!

And what better way to treat her newfound fascination then with a trip to the ruins of a kingdom long-since plundered by Pirates centuries ago? Accompanied by none other than her favorite Aunt?

"We should be approaching Sierra Arcadia in a matter of minutes, M'Lady!" Sergeant Cutter announced loudly over the surf and roaring engine in a stoic matter. The island in question was once a famous port and Military outpost, however, it fell victim to a surprise attack at the hands of several pirate-clans that razed the entire island to the ground and much of the islands gold reserves trickled through the hands of profiteer’s and traitors who turned on their comrades to take the islands bounty for themselves. All that is left is a vacant ruin now overtaken by the local Fauna and a sorry history of failed start-ups including a long abandoned Lumber Mill.

But for Flurry Heart, it was an adventure in the making!

“Sierra Arcadia was a practical vault for our Kingdom’s gold reserves, so it was only a matter of time before it’s prestige brought forth it’s own demise” Luna started, catching Flurry’s attention. “The brave city-defenders fought to their last spear as the city was razed, yet it would take more than a dent in our finances to sink the Empire My Sister and I forged in the shadow of Mother Almighty. We fought tooth and nail against the degenerates who dared raise their cutlasses to our subjects throats and seized what they had stolen… but that’s not to say we recovered all of our possessions, nor do I muster the courage to admit in public that we, both Equestrian and Pirate Alike, perhaps missed a loose treasure chest or two in the ruins? It would be unwise to attract further attention of inquisitive and prying ears, isn’t that right, Agent Flint Jaguar?” Luna finished her retelling with a playful wink.

“The secrecy between us shall prevail! My lips are sealed, M’Lady!” Flurry Heart happily piped up, settling into a character she had created while prancing behind Luna on her many visits to Canterlot Castle, quite befitting her current attire, which was fashioned off of Luna’s own Officer’s Uniform. Bowing with the tip of her over-sized hat, Flurry Heart blinked as the Island came into view. Sierra Arcadia’s unmistakable mountain peak and lush pine terrain pierced the sea like an ornate monument.

As the Patrol boat slowed upon the island’s approach, Luna knelt down and placed her hand on Flurry Heart’s shoulder.

“Now that our day is about to begin, little one, would you mind informing us of the safety guidelines your mother and father so passionately instilled into you before you stepped onto this fine watercraft?” Luna inquired with inquisitive mirth, placing her hands firmly at her hips as Flurry put her finger to her bottom lip in a ponderous manner.

“Safety first and watch your step?” Flurry asked tentatively.

“And?” Luna continued, raising her chin high.

“Don’t touch anything and leave nothing but footprints?”

“Unless it is some shiny booty of course!” Luna chuckled. “What else?”

“Never unholster my sword unless absolutely necessary?” Flurry chirped, rattling her sword to and fro.

“If my exhausting fencing lessons are anything to go by, then you already knew that.” Luna winked playfully. “And what else did your mother entail?”

“All gold must be rightfully returned to the empire of the objects origin?”

“Is that all?”

“Agent Flint Jaguar, Mare of Mystery is most certain of it!”

“I do not believe so, you’re arrogance is most disappointing, Flint!”

“I admit, even somepony as prestigious as myself can make mistakes. Please forgive me, m’lady! But would you be so kind as to remind your most loyal subject of the very nature of my mistake?”

“I do believe having as much fun as possible should be the most important object on today’s schedule.” Luna finished with a mirthful salute.

“Ay, ay, Captain!” Flurry returned with a happy salute of her own as the boat sputtered to a crawl.

“I do hope you accomplish your objective today, Captain Luna!” Sergeant Cutter uncharacteristically spoke in a coy manner, most certainly to entertain his younger passenger. Flicking his Beret back into it’s rightful position on the top of his head, the Stallion fiddled with the throttle and cut off the ignition for the moment. “Rhino Squad has already done a sweep of the island and once we drop you off, we will converge onto the old saw-mill docks and set up base camp. It’s going to be a long day but hopefully the only intruder’s we will be dealing with today are a few stray Tapir!”

“Buuuuut it’s better to be safe than sorry!” Private Peach proudly patted the receiver of her M60 as Sergeant Cutter nodded in agreement.

“Mom was always right about over-preparedness, but I don’t think we are close enough to the shore!” Flurry stated openly as she waved a hand at the beachhead. “And I doubt my breeches are water-proof! I mean, unless we fly of course-”

“Oh but where is the fun in that, little one?” Luna said with levity in her tone as she hoisted a giggling Flurry off her feet and onto her shoulders. “I might as well put my uniform to good use, not to mention my skills as a leader will be put into question if I did not act as one in the company of the fabled Flint Jaguar!” And with that, Luna stepped off the boat and into the shallow water, her boots sinking into the soft sand below the waves.

“You two have fun now! We’ll be in radio contact so don’t forget to holler if anything goes wrong!” Private Peach hooted, taking care to point the gun away from her two VIP’s.

“Thank you for your concern!” Flurry cheered from her aunt’s back. “But with Agent Flint Jaguar and Captain Luna on the prowl, I very much doubt we would need any saving! Thank you for the ride, you’re diligence will not be forgotten!”

As Flurry waved her hat at her loyal soldiers, Luna smiled as she approached the shoreline with every step. It’s nice to escape the confines of a stuffy castle every once in awhile, and with Flurry Heart in tow, perhaps Luna could share a hands-on history lesson with the little filly, while having fun indulging in Flurry’s newest historical obsession!

Besides, it’s not like anything more than a stubbed toe could be the blight of today’s little outing.
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