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Background Pony #5F70
Dear daring:we think that you are cute with us (she kisses him) 'oc hugs and kissed them back'
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Background Pony #E11F
Oc:are you ladies can't find a date? Fond feather:yeah,should we try him?swoon song:sure
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@Little Ribbon
Constantly following your crush along as he makes googly eyes at another. Never talking to you, always just out of reach, always charming and smooth and cute but never for you. Always always always watching some other mare get a promise of the very thing you want while you're just there, in the background, providing interesting scenery.

And everypony around you can clearly see how desperate and hopeless you are.
Dirty Bit
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That's him, officer
Theeeeey aaaaaaadore Feather Bang

They want more Feather Bang

They would gladly sing songs, all just for Feather Bang

Is there really a pony more charming?

Handsome, and quite debonair~!

There's a stallion who's real good at farming,

But with our own good stallion, you needn't compaaaaare~!