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maudyoulook tricks-up-my-sleeve ofinlustris ladyofdragonsandfriendship (I try to make this blog about more than shipping,…
safe1616096 artist:turkleson135 discord29492 maud pie12007 princess ember5983 starlight glimmer45658 trixie64027 dragon50939 pony883934 unicorn285419 discord gets all the mares92 dismaud4 dragon lord ember1003 embercord2 female1286477 male343964 mare439640 shipping188389 simple background361362 starcord15 straight127871 tristarcord8 trixcord50 white background90367


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Background Pony #5E55
Oh, Dislestia is basically the FlutterMac of Discord ships. He would sooner date any of the characters above than any princess.
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Steel/Lonely type
I think he's more uncomfortable with the sudden attention that he's getting, and not the type he's used to.

Also, you misspelled alicorn.
Background Pony #5E55
Discord get all the mares i guess. Although he seem to not enjoy the lack of certain pegasus within group.