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safe1786633 artist:tai-l-rodriguez23 king sombra14480 pinkie pie223130 earth pony281289 pony1094178 unicorn357562 armor24957 cape11133 clothes489263 colored horn691 curved horn7525 dating115 drinking3734 duo67843 female1435064 floppy ears56581 horn84083 lidded eyes32853 looking at each other22395 male400070 mare519413 milkshake1659 sharing a drink194 shipping209697 smiling273070 sombra horn485 sombrapie72 stallion121370 straight143510 straw2089 sunset5733 table9749 window9263


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Wait a minute! Pinkie Pie’s drinking an Orange Julius with… King Sombra!? Heresy! This foul king must be stopped once and for all! Sharky, it’s for us to stop this tyranny before it’s too late!
Background Pony #C1A2
I think Sombra would best get along with Applejack and Rarity out of the Mane 6.