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Lord of the Empty Seat
Sorry, I tend to see a lot of smack talk about that series even though it’s pretty good.
I kind of wish that they’d have a Digimon Series where the Seven Great Demon Lords are a threat. I mean, they’ve all appeared separately throughout the series but never as a group, save for them being briefly alluded to in Data Squad.
02: Demon  
Tamers: Beelzemon  
Frontier: Lucemon  
Data Squad: Belphamon (the entire group is briefly hinted at here, but all the members are presumably dead by this point)  
Digimon Next Manga: Barbamon.  
Fusion: Lilithmon, Beelzemon, Leviamon.
Just feels like a missed opportunity to have them all together is what I’m saying.
Background Pony #13EA
Don’t mind Scootaloo; she’d just been binge-watching the first season of Digimon. Just let her have her fun.
Background Pony #A89A
This is really one of the best things the show has ever done.
Definitely in the top 10 at least.
Sirenloo getting your attentions for impending doom.
Now to wait for someone to put Scootaloo on top of a pole with binoculars, waiting for tornadoes. :D
And here I was waiting for the edit that puts her on top of a police car for the opening credits of The Naked Gun.
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Consentacles and boobs!
Sirenloo getting your attentions for impending doom.
Now to wait for someone to put Scootaloo on top of a pole with binoculars, waiting for tornadoes. :D