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Saffron's parents were (and are) good old friends with Dad Stripes, despite the former living in Canterlot
and the latter raising his little girl in Manehattan. When the two families would get together for a visit, young
Saffi would foalsit little Plaid whilst the adults went out on the town. Despite their fondness for each other, time
came between the two fillies as penpal letters slowed, college came and went and adulthood moved in permanently.

But life has a tendency to roll around full circle, and eventually the two fillyhood
friends would reunite, much to Plaid's excitement and Saffi's…pleasant surprise.

Obviously I could focus on Plaid mooning over how pretty Saffron is, and certainly she does this
anyway. Saffi is pretty and that's a given. But I found it particularly amusing that the unflappable
and elegant Ms. Masala should be knocked on her tail by the fact that little Plaid grew up—and up,
and up—and that Saffi wouldn't half mind being warmly cloaked in those brick-house earth pony arms
for a good long while. It would seem Saffi's NEARLY as much of a size queen as Twist, hehe. Nearly.
safe1575746 artist:kaemantis754 plaid stripes259 saffron masala1575 anthro230441 earth pony199081 unguligrade anthro42965 unicorn266281 belly button67594 clothes409168 cute177412 dialogue60567 dress39552 eyes closed80220 female899474 filly59542 lesbian92235 mare415573 midriff18221 older23027 one eye closed25212 open mouth123155 pants12258 saffronstripes16 shipping184086 shorts12183 speech bubble20555 younger15702


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