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suggestive148587 artist:darkknighthoof319 derpy hooves50820 doctor whooves10954 time turner10950 earth pony267510 pegasus310497 pony1014013 bed42452 bedroom eyes61531 blushing205173 bubble butt701 candle4916 dialogue68204 doctorderpy1534 duo65026 female1405163 fetish41759 flatline16 heart50186 heart rate monitor10 honeymoon79 hoof fetish2439 imminent sex7388 implied princess celestia732 implied sex6202 innuendo1396 male389125 mare503785 monochrome152451 pillow18698 plot82217 shipping206087 sketch64637 speech bubble24479 stallion116195 straight140614 sweat27745 teasing3891 traditional art120519 underhoof53888 window8966


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Background Pony #DB89
I really hope your doing a pic of Doctor Hooves Tickling Derpy on this honeymoon? Cause this is really great.
Also, the Doctor has to be hung AF if Derpy is referring to his penis as a “muffin” ;D