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I keep seeing all these half-baked zombie apocalypse teams where people just throw in a bunch of characters they like and one they don't. Here's a REAL zombie apocalypse team with some actual experience!

(And yes, I know this meme is old. And dead. And therefore, a literal 'zombie' apocalypse team!)
safe1688213 oc673221 oc only442283 oc:blackjack2552 oc:calamity700 oc:littlepip4058 oc:rampage265 oc:steelhooves253 oc:velvet remedy1090 earth pony241905 pegasus284797 pony949935 unicorn315545 zebra17458 fallout equestria16775 armor23509 barbed wire228 clothes452836 cowboy hat15392 dashite476 enclave armor185 fanfic10354 fanfic art14177 female1346265 fluttershy medical saddlebag196 flying37599 gun15768 hat85340 hooves17661 horn63898 madoka kaname97 magical girl523 male366528 mare471982 medical saddlebag243 one of these things is not like the others250 open mouth142109 pipbuck3465 power armor1170 puella magi madoka magica533 raised hoof44774 saddle bag5771 sky bandit15 smiling243183 spread wings53682 stallion106387 steel ranger311 vault suit3465 weapon30122 wings103606 zombie apocalypse team25


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Background Pony #586D
I love how everything else is FO:E related and then there's just… Madoka lol.
Biker Dash

The Biker
I'd have chosen Pyrelight as the mascot. No clue why some anime chick ended up in the Equestrian Wasteland, but Pyrelight belongs there.

Too soon

I was thinking Ditzy Doo. Hell, she wrote the Wasteland Survival Guide.