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Alternative version where the picture is framed with a story in the description can be found here
safe1691371 artist:chezamoon1813 apple bloom49092 applejack168639 big macintosh28075 bright mac1280 pear butter2795 earth pony243058 pony953106 the perfect pear1416 baby10365 baby apple bloom127 baby pony6540 brightbutter780 colt14738 colt big macintosh117 family4380 family photo339 female1349272 filly65628 filly applejack572 foal15366 heart eyes16069 male367688 mare473633 shipping198230 stallion106807 straight134870 wingding eyes21918 younger17234


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Background Pony #79D1
"How could we have known…that this would be the last time we'd ever see our parents again"