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Background Pony #AB9
@Background Pony #93A4
Twilight: Oh, you know me, I-
Rarity:…is what I would have said if Applejack weren’t off in Manehattan visiting her Aunt and Uncle.
Twilight: Uh, I meant…well, um…
Rarity: If any mare is going to be smuggling apple seeds off this farm, Twilight Sparkle, it’s going to be me. And me. Alone
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Background Pony #AB9
Rarity: Twilight, dearie, could I trouble you for a moment?
Twilight: Oh, it’s no trouble at all, Rarity.
somewhere isolated and soundproof
Rarity: If you don’t mind me asking, why are you hanging around the farm so often, these days?
Twilight: Oh, I’ve just been helping Applejack sort out the apples and ready the equipment for this years cider pressing.
Rarity: How sweet of you to help out a freind in need
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