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safe1691405 artist:lumineko2793 fluttershy211114 spike78370 spike the regular dog2493 dog9394 dance magic1514 equestria girls198278 spoiler:eqg specials5256 bed40437 bellyrubs1103 blushing195061 breasts274071 caress148 chair6710 cleavage34219 clothes454063 cute197646 descriptive noise1437 duo59797 eyes closed91803 female1349318 flutterspike548 male367696 off shoulder1283 onomatopoeia4112 open mouth142726 pants14270 scratching500 sewing machine552 shipping198238 shyabetes13573 skirt39263 smiling243989 spikabetes2002 spike the dog2591 spikelove1164 straight134872 tongue out102403 window8383


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Background Pony #8156
Yeah, being a young member of a super powerful race that lives for several millenia and eventually grows large and strong enough to take on entire armies, but while he waits for that, he enjoys a happy life being close friends with the ponies most of the fanbase apparently faps to every day, and would kill to meet in their dreams.

Yeah. That sounds horrible. Good thing this one pic exists…