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AJ: SWEET BAILEY, DARLING! Ah'm so happy we're finally gettin' a real doctor. No more of these lying quacks..
Sweet Bailey: [looking sadly at her father's chart] Yes…um, hello mom. And dad, how are you feeling this morning?
Jet Set: [wheezes]

Bramley and Carnival run in

Bramley: Ma! Pa! I got here as soon as I could! I'm so sorry-
AJ: Don't you worry none! Yer big sis is here to save the day. Rite Bailey?!
Carnival: [shuffles over to her father's side] Papa?
Jet Set: [seems to look past her]
Carnival: What are you waiting for, Bailey? Do something!
Bramley: We should wait until Little Lady gets here-
Carnival: Oh forget about that pompous [mutters the rest]
Jet Set: wheeze Watch… your….. tongue [coughs]
Sweet Bailey: Dad, I'd save your energy. You'll need it.
Applejack: So he'll be alright?!

Sweet Bailey: [takes a deep breath] Mom, you are aware that the cancer has been spreading for years?
Applejack: Yea, well that's what them fancy doctors say when they don't know where the problem is-
Sweet Bailey: No mom. I'm surprised dad can talk as much as he can now-
Carnival: [aggressive] He's barely said anything.
Sweet Bailey: Exactly. The first tumours were removed two years ago but the disease had already metastasized. At that point they were merely helping him feel more comfortable.
AJ: What are ye' sayin', sugarcube?
Sweet Bailey: His major organs are failing. He has fluid in his lungs and blood in his airways. Dr. Silvermane is right in his prognosis. Dad….dad…may have only a few weeks or so to live.

AJ: [shivers and tears well up in her eyes] NOOOO!! OH SWEET CELESTIA PLEASE NO! You gotta fix him! Please do something!?
Sweet Bailey: …If I had the power…I would..
Carnival: [starts balling]

This has been on my list of things to introduce for a few months.

Arkansas is waiting outside for Little Lady and avoiding everything.
He doesn't know how to react to any of this so he refuses to witness any of it
I can't blame him. We all deal with grief differently.

Carnival gets angry, AJ ignores reason, Bramley gets quiet and Sweet Bailey buries it deep inside letting it chip years off her own life.
As for Jet Set, he is barely conscious.
semi-grimdark29584 artist:frozensoulpony531 applejack168336 jet set450 oc673221 oc:bramley apple10 oc:carnival7 oc:sweet bailey21 pony949935 crying42949 deathbed14 female1346265 male366528 offspring38250 parent:applejack3819 parent:jet set106 parents:applejet64 straight134522 traditional art116697


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