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Maybe.. maybe its just as good..
safe1902679 artist:the-park135 sunset shimmer70240 twilight sparkle324952 pony1250098 unicorn412651 a royal problem2274 equestria girls226530 :d1484 balancing1201 ballerina1092 blushing228105 clothes534533 cute225979 duo97867 eye contact7164 eyes on the prize6053 female1539619 happy36344 heart57368 hi181 human coloration5896 jacket15317 leather jacket4381 leotard5499 looking at each other25806 mare579657 music box195 open mouth184287 raised leg9406 shimmerbetes4753 simple background473785 skirt46033 smiling310318 speech bubble29049 starry eyes4130 tutu1197 twiabetes13358 twilarina361 underhoof59380 wingding eyes28233


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Background Pony #634F
Oh yeah, that’s a good point. Actually hadn’t considered that at the time. Hey, thanks again for taking the time to discuss this. You make some pretty valid arguments. :)
Background Pony #634F
I remember that, and I was also disappointed that they didn’t get to meet up again.
And please forgive me, but another thing that bugs me has something to do with that: there are a lot of pictures pairing Sunset with Human Twilight, while they’re in Equestria. I mean, they bring Sunset back home, but still pair her with Pony Twilight’s counterpart. How am I supposed to respond to that?
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@Background Pony #5280 
Well, don’t worry, I get what you mean. And the creators did a bit separate the Equestria Girls, and Friendship is Magic series, but Mirror Magic shows Sunset still very cares for and values Princess Twilight, for example (ie Sunset seemed outright missed out she missed out a possibility to meat Twilight.
I’m still sad they didn’t meet face to face, but we at least have that.
Also, in the comic, Twilight in turn was shown to keep Sunset’s portrait in her castle: 
Background Pony #634F
Sorry, I only ask because… well, it seems to me like all the TwilightxSunset pictures I ever see are with Human Twilight and Sunset, it feels to me like they’ve just shut Pony Twilight out altogether.
Don’t get me wrong, I can’t bring myself to say I hate Human Twilight, I don’t, I like her as a character. I just can’t bring myself to accept her as a replacement, and that’s what this feels like to me. I mean, Pony Twilight still deserves someone, right?
I’m sorry, I’m probably sounding pretty childish right now, it’s just the whole situation has me kind of offended. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
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I miss the show so much
Now that’s an interesting idea. Twilight gives Shimmer a small ballerina statue. Now, if the magic really works across dimensions, Twilight can “take over” the statue at will and talk to Shimmer face-to-face while she’s in the pony world and Shimmer is in the human world. Kinda like holopresence, but with ponies.