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Hi, if you like my art please consider checking my Patreon out. Thank you :D
There are alternate versions of pics too, and bigger res, etc.
Also got discord group: .
explicit326774 artist:darkstylerz395 oc626220 oc only417793 oc:intrepid charm197 oc:mercury shine443 pony881899 unicorn284729 blushing182355 bondage31360 bone2808 bridle3342 chained460 chains4578 commission58430 dark4352 dark souls659 dungeon894 female1285032 halberd188 lead85 male343377 maledom4324 mare438996 sex111197 skeleton1787 stallion97680 straight127713 tack4050 weapon28395


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Jesus H Christ Dark, You did a whole fucking scene.
4 Skellingtons 2 corpses AMAZING fucking lighting work ontop of cute, adorable pony porn?
Wonderful goddamn embers effect and ancent-looking stones AND the mist effect AND the magic effect?