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Because people asked for it…

…and because I needed it too.

Original by TwistedGrim.

Sorry for the double post, had to fix the shiny effect. It looked kinda odd and pinkish on smaller screens.

If a mod could replace the old one >>1485325 with this one I'd appreciate it. [Done]
suggestive141102 artist:twistedgrim3 color edit7611 edit130816 trixie66948 equestria girls198278 animated97820 big breasts80736 bouncing4845 bouncing breasts3773 breasts274070 busty trixie4024 calm your tits150 cape10168 cleavage34218 clothes454062 colored19285 cuffs (clothes)1171 curvy6555 cutie mark47087 cutie mark on equestria girl822 eqg recolor62 female1349316 fishnets5250 gif30548 gravity-defying breasts815 hat85594 huge breasts37776 impossibly large breasts16586 laughing7892 leotard4520 lipstick10977 magician outfit552 noblewoman's laugh110 pony coloring2604 solo1053889 solo female178155 spherical breasts183 that pony sure does love t-cups4 trixie's cape3741 trixie's hat4533


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