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Because people asked for it…

…and because I needed it too.

Original by TwistedGrim.

Sorry for the double post, had to fix the shiny effect. It looked kinda odd and pinkish on smaller screens.

If a mod could replace the old one >>1485325 with this one I'd appreciate it. [Done]
suggestive132527 artist:twistedgrim3 color edit7303 edit122992 trixie63960 equestria girls187374 animated94132 big breasts73672 bouncing4483 bouncing breasts3477 breasts253932 busty trixie3763 calm your tits141 cape9514 cleavage32215 clothes425512 colored18275 cuffs (clothes)1107 curvy6105 cutie mark43761 cutie mark on equestria girl782 eqg recolor62 female1285202 fishnets4877 gif28835 gravity-defying breasts783 hat79451 huge breasts34428 impossibly large breasts15474 laughing7393 leotard4301 lipstick10092 magician outfit535 noblewoman's laugh108 pony coloring2545 solo1002625 solo female171518 spherical breasts174 that pony sure does love t-cups4 trixie's cape3493 trixie's hat4286


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