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Capper, a smooth-talking (and singing) con-artist, was once a swanky aristocrat living the high-life with pride and dignity. That is, until Storm King came into power. A deal gone wrong turned Capper's threads on fleek into colorless rags, leaving Capper penniless and in a lifelong debt with the Storm King. To make ends meet, he relies on his wit and charm, distracting unsuspecting victims from his quick hands and swift tail. Capper’s crimes aren’t driven by malice. At his core, he feels a deep insecurity at his fall from grace, and believes his appearance dictates his status


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i feel like the graphics of the draw is kind of anime style (you can draw the same MLP desings but with shadows and lightning anime style), it looks cool
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Pretty obvious that it goes like:

Twilight- Tempest Shadow
Rarity- Capper
Rainbow Dash- Celaeno
Fluttershy- Probably a sea creature of some kind
Applejack- one of the cats I guess
Pinkie Pie- Skystar
Spike- Grubber
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It does seem pretty obvious Rarity will be the one to help him out. Especially given how much his appearance (we are told) influences his self confidence and self worth. And you know, I'm looking forward to seeing that. While I disagree on some of your points, I do feel we could use more instances where Twilight's friends have an impact on someone's life. And with Rarity being a particular favorite of mine, I'm glad she'll be having a chance to shine a bit.

I do find it a bit funny, though, that of all the new characters, she gets him. I feel like the idea of Capper x Rarity shipping started mainly as a joke, and somehow ended up being more accurate than anyone here expected.

Okay, I'm convinced: each of the Mane Six is going to influence one of the new characters in some way, with the exception of the Storm King (the probably irredeemable bad guy), and Songbird (who's just there to sing the closing musical number). It's clear Rarity will help out Capper and he'll be her "new friend" mentioned in the artbook preview. RD is chummy with Celaeno in the trailer. And I think we can guess Pinkie Pie will get a moment in Seaquestria. If that happens, then it will alleviate one of the biggest concerns I've had with the movie for a long time now: everyone but Twilight not getting any relevance.

That's the biggest gripe I have with Meghan's writing for all those two-parters, the way she kept finding excuses to sideline all of Twilight's friends until the inevitable, mandatory "friendship is magic" climax at the end. I mean, you can forgive it since there are plenty of other episodes of the show that explore them individually, but this is a self-contained movie that people who haven't seen the show will potentially see. What good is having five other main characters if you don't even get to know them individually?

The first two EG movies weren't much better in this regard, since the rest sort of had their own little conflict with each other to really impact the movie individually, except for one or two at a time. But if they go the EG3 route (not Meghan's story, I know) and have each character demonstrate their element, then it will put proper focus on the central element of the six girls' friendship that would not only help the movie stand on its own two legs, but would bring back one of my favorite elements of the show that I've found has been sorely lacking lately.