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Final project for my art history class. Our final paper was a free reign as long as it dealt with animation, illustration or comics, and I picked MLP as my topic! I really focused on how MLP defied its classification as just a little girl’s program and focused on the villains for my points, and we had to include a piece of art by ourselves to show our point. Had a lot of fun with this! I’d definitely would sell it as a print if I ever vendor haha.
safe1972479 artist:tambelon795 applejack187851 discord34857 fluttershy238299 king sombra15978 lord tirek5843 nightmare moon18925 pinkie pie238658 queen chrysalis39076 rainbow dash259412 rarity203216 starlight glimmer55344 twilight sparkle333032 alicorn274635 changeling58463 draconequus17002 earth pony361921 pegasus407107 pony1324468 unicorn446887 antagonists six16 cowboy hat21944 female1604240 hat109013 male460193 mane six35335 mare618868 monochrome163726 silhouette2996 simple background502114 stallion150332 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138608


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