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Running out of old backlog stuff to post WELP
suggestive145204 artist:graphenescloset681 twilight sparkle302705 alicorn227908 pony984318 adorafatty340 bedroom eyes60161 butt expansion1177 cute202446 fat22319 female1378652 growth5766 huge butt10008 hyper10529 impossibly large butt7258 large butt17172 looking back58486 magic74124 mare489531 morbidly obese7953 obese11680 plot80356 solo1076043 solo female181161 the ass was fat13995 twibutt5638 twilard sparkle1361 twilight has a big ass434 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124747 underhoof52741


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Background Pony #8F4C
"Let's see here… 'PERMANENT — NO COUNTERSPELL — DO NOT CAST'… Whoopsie! Guess I'm stuck with this! I sure hope you don't mind!"