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Zephyr Breeze x Fashion PlateMarble Pie x Troubleshoes ClydeLimestone Pie x TrenderhoofScootaloo (YES SHE COUNTS!) x FeatherweightMaud Pie x TrixieSugar Belle x Big MacApple Bloom x PipsqueakSweetie Belle x Button MashShining Armor x Cadence
safe1575739 artist:thepegasisterpony126 apple bloom46556 big macintosh26874 button mash3785 fashion plate151 featherweight1210 limestone pie4706 marble pie6112 maud pie11861 moonlight raven407 pipsqueak2708 princess cadance30461 scootaloo49190 shining armor21773 sugar belle2652 sweetie belle46665 trenderhoof826 trouble shoes1052 zephyr breeze2098 pony845878 crack shipping3509 female899472 gay25251 male305539 marbleshoes14 pipbloom46 scootaweight25 shipping184086 straight121680 sugarmac673 sweetiemash577


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Background Pony #462F
Just 3 of them make sense…
Sugar Mac, Sweetiemash and Shiningcadence