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I got bored. Again.
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Extra cheesy smut spoilered below this line.

"Oh dear… what does Mistress Tempest want now?"

Party Favor trotted quietly through the lower decks of the Stormship. It had been a few weeks, he figures, since he had been captured by his lovely Mistress the mare known as Tempest Shadow. Since then, he'd been used as her personal sex slave, chained to a wall for the first few days of his capture as she broke him in. He would soon be allowed to leave and roam the lower decks, though with the caveat of wearing an enchanted codpiece.

The codpiece was a fairly simple device; when he became aroused, Tempest would be notified. She would track him down and satisfy his urges, before being given a potion that slowly erased his will, allowing her to plant hypnotic suggestions within his mind.

He was now almost entirely enslaved to her will, only his thoughts when he is alone allows him to rebel, and even then,
he had to keep himself from referring to her as Mistress when he was alone. It was a losing battle, but at least it was an enjoyable one. Mistre Tempest had never struck him, only gently chiding him if he did something she did not permit. Sometimes he would be 'punished', for lack of a better word. She would sit on his chest, her plump rear facing him as she slowly worked him close to the edge before chaining him to the wall of his cell and leaving. He had once finished after she had left, and that would be the moment where the codpiece would be attached.

Party had reached Temptress Tempest's quarters. A door adorned with the symbol of her employer, the Storm King,
stood between him and her private domain. Tempest had never allowed him to enter before, so her actions now were strange at best.

He opened the door, leading him into an open cabin. On two sides of this cabin lay massive windows, ornate designs of inclement weather decorating the panes. Out, below the Stormship, he could see the northeastern coast of Equestria,
where the airship has anchored while the King rifled through the Royal Vaults in Canterlot. However, there was an entirely separate view that he had been meant to see.

Against the far wall of the ship, beyond the maps, tables, and bean bag chairs, lay Tempest's queen sized bed,
and upon it, Tempest Shadow herself. Her half-lidded eyes fixed on him with a burning smolder.

"Mmn… welcome, my little pet. I assume you're doing well?"

As she said this, Party noticed a still-vibrating dildo slipped halfway into her folds. Her fluids flowed around it like a babbling brook, as the toy weakly continued its function; it seems its battery was close to dying.

He sputtered.

"W-well, Mistress, I suppose I-"


The corners of Party's vision glowed a dark purple, and immediately he fell silent, kneeling slightly before his Mistress.

"You suppose you are doing well? Have I not done enough?" she chuckles, "Maybe the activities I have planned for us will satisfy you. Ensign, come here."

At the trigger word's command, Party stumbled toward his Mistress, eager to please her in whatever way she wished.

Tempest smiled. She loved the look on her pet's face whenever she used that potion's power, his eyes glowing a slight purple as he took on a tired, dazed look. Of course, to him, he felt wide awake, but Tempest knew that the body could not contain to separate wills. When she first gave him the potion, he slept like a log for a day; something she happily took advantage of. Now, he was only slightly tired; there was only so much of his willpower left, and though his personality would remain the same, he would serve a new purpose; to be hers.

She lifted a hind leg, pressing her cleaned, manicured hoof to her precious toy's muzzle. He immediately sniffed,
taking in the wonderfully fragrant scent of her strawberry bodywash.

"I see somepony's a little eager. Ensign, worship your officer's hoof."

Party immediately obliged, grasping at her leg before beginning to desperately lick and sniff at her hoof. He felt his erection straining against the codpiece, the silken fabric sensually rubbing across his length as he continued his ministrations. He began kissing at her frog, moaning lightly at the apparent pleasure he was being given, beginning to thrust his hips at the air, desperate for something, anything to give him relief. Luckily, Mistress Tempest was not cruel.

"Mn, okay, that's enough… Ensign, attention!"

Party stopped, hips still lightly thrusting as Tempest leaned forward to undo the codpiece's straps. "Mistress,

"Don't worry, my pet. I'll let you have your fun."

She finally undid the piece, allowing it to fall to the floor as Party's member flopped out, pulsing and aching with need. She took in the scent, and shuddered.

"Good… Ensign, make love to your officer…"

Party groaned, and lined up his shaft with her warm passage. With one thrust, he buried himself within her marshmallow soft depths, moaning out loud as he did so. Tempest squealed, before releasing her own breathy exclamation of pleasure. Party's hips began to piston, in and out, of this wonderful, beautiful mare. Everything about her was perfect, her voice, her laugh, her body, her mind. He felt like he was in Elysium when he was with her. Why had he even tried to resist?

Submission to her felt so sweet. Offering himself up to this succubus amongst mares was the most wonderful, addicting sensation he had ever encountered. This was nothing like Starlight's brainwashing; this felt warm, loving, and inviting. As he heard her cry out in passion as he reached his peak, blowing his seed into her womb, he felt the last bastions of resistance against her will crumble. He never felt so energized, so happy, so loved than ever before.

Tempest breathed as her now purple-eyed toy lay next to her, lightly smiling as he buried his muzzle into her chest.
She smiled warmly, and placed a hoof on his head as she reciprocated, cuddling him like a teddy bear.

"Now, who do you belong to, Ensign Favor?"

"You, Officer Tempest…"

"Good boy. Now, get some rest. I will be here with you. Always…"


Added a bit of hoof worship for @Agent Luna. Hopefully I don't get dickpunched because of this thing's quality. Or for the inclusion of brainwashing.