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Safe storage is important.
questionable112369 artist:phucknuckl464 rainbow dash252995 anthro299439 unguligrade anthro55702 ass63044 bent over4619 breasts323457 butt148643 cameltoe9673 captain morgan8 clothes532507 female1534594 food82341 implied lesbian3986 implied shipping5862 implied twidash213 implied twilight sparkle2168 kitchen2167 nipples198045 nudity429182 offscreen character41005 panties55446 rainbutt dash4681 refrigerator609 she got legs20 solo1209060 stupid sexy rainbow dash3674 thong6751 underwear67895 uniform12662 whipped cream823 wonderbolt trainee uniform1280


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As others hope it wasn’t just beer but whiskey especially jack Daniels are on the bottom shelf of the fridge when the coldest is against the back wall when in rainbow dash’s casewithout panties think she was to be allegedly mooning a crowd while grabbing a bottle.
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I think the question is: Does the fridge come standard with absolutely no shelves, or was that a modification by Twilight? Heh.