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safe2118537 artist:tonyfleecs1673 official comic3146 applejack196195 discord36637 fluttershy252078 gummy5603 pinkie pie250048 rainbow dash272899 rarity212941 twilight sparkle349885 alicorn302828 draconequus19330 earth pony423480 pegasus471659 pony1479673 g41930813 idw19946 spoiler:comic13354 spoiler:comic5774 comic132249 cropped59982 female1740074 male529517 mane six36826 mare703529 speech bubble36825 the discord zone109 throne4178 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146060


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This user stinks
It’s actually a common trope, every comic book does it at least with one of the heroes. Lord knows it’s happened to Superman like 50 times.  
Even happened to Sonic the Hedgehog (comic version) once when he had amnesia, and he literally beat up all his friends.
Hey, he forgot to beat up Antoine! (Maybe ‘cause he’s hiding in the cover corner box. Remember back when comics used to have those?)
Background Pony #3E82
So Pinkie was evil this whole time? Who knew?
I prefer to think that this is just a side effect of the chaos realm “staring back” into her.  
Personally I feel like any pony trapped here long enough would end up a bit warped. Pinkie just happens to be a bit more susceptible, as she is also a bit more in tune with the bizarre and chaotic than most ponies.